Blast & Paint


Once your equipment is built, we can have it blasted and painted to fit your needs. We can blast it with sand, glass, slag, copper, or coal. This prepares it for primers, paints, and coatings.


Depending on your needs, the team here at Stewart Steel can prime, paint, and coat your metalwork to fit your intended use. From zinc primers to clear top coat, we can provide you with the best paint application available. We use top-quality paints from Endura, Cloverdale, and Devoe to ensure a finish that will withstand the tests of time.


If you need industry- and use-specific coatings, we can handle it all for you right in-house. We can apply coatings for crude (H2S Resistant), food grade, and acid resistant uses. We can also apply Elephant Hide Protect Coatings, hi-temp industrial coatings, red iron primer coatings, and eco-friendly agriculture coatings.


Below are some of our more unique projects. You can learn more about our abilities on our Facility Capacity page.