The Extender

Save time, save money. “The Extender,” the combine unloading auger extender from Stewart Steel, gives you the added reach when unloading your grain. Now you can add the larger header and not worry about unloading into the truck or grain cart. With “The Extender,” you get the added distance you need to avoid costly stops and slowdowns.

Click on the plus sign below to see the available models and the compatibility for each model, product images and installation instructions.

John Deere
Extender ModelCompatible Combine ModelProduct ImageInstallation Instructions
EXT-JD-FT3Models 6620-9750 STSJohn Deere FT3 Instructions
EJ 702814JD 60 Series
JD 70 Series w/ 14″ auger
JD S Series w/ 14″ auger
EJ 702814 Instructions
EJ 603517JD 60 Series w/ 17″ auguer
JD 70 Series w/ 17″ auger
JD S Series w/ 17″ auger
EJ 603517 Instructions
New Holland
Extender ModelCompatible Combine ModelProduct ImageInstallation Instructions
EXT-CNH-FT3BAll NH CR/CX ModelsCNH-FT3 Instructions
EXT-NH-FT2All NH TR/TX ModelsNH-FT2 Instructions
EXT-CNH-FT0708BAll 2007-2008 CR940, CR960 & CR970 ModelsCNH-FT0708 Instructions
ECNH216BCR9090 Models w/ 16″ High Capacity AugerECNH216 Instructions

Extender ModelCompatible Combine ModelProduct ImageInstallation Instructions
EXT-CIH-FT3All 1440-2588 ModelsCIH-FT3 Instructions
EXT-CNH-FT3RModels 7010-8010 to 2006
Models 5088-9240, 2009 and newer
CNH-FT3 Instructions
ECNH216RCase 8230 and 9230 Models
All New High Capacity 16″ Augers
ECNH216 Instructions
EXT-CNH-FT0708R2007/2008 Case 7010 & 8010 ModelsCNH-FT0708 Instructions
Extender ModelCompatible Combine ModelProduct ImageInstallation Instructions
EXT-GL-FT212Most Agco-Gleaner Models with 12″ augerGL-FT-212 Instructions
EXT-Agco-MF/CAT-FT3Agco Massey Rotary Combines
Caterpillar Challenger Combines with 12″ auger
Agco MF/CAT-FT3 Instructions
EXT-GL-FT-214All Gleaner R76/R86/S77 models with 14″ augerGL-FT214 Instructions
Massey 9795/9895 w/ 15″ auger
Gleaner A76/86 w/ 15″ auger
New Massey 9560/9540/9520 w/ 15″ auger
EMFG4215 Instructions
EMF9515 Instructions

Product ModelCompatible Combine ModelsProduct ImageInstallation Instructions
EXT-CNH-SRDXAll Newer Case Combines
All Newer New Holland Combines
Spout mounts onto factory spout and directs grain downward.
Ideal for swathing, short headers, windy conditions and low grain trucks/wagons.
EXT-CNH-SDRX Spout Instructions
EJ603517John Deere High Capacity Re-Direct Spout
Remove unload spout and install new 2 piece spout kit
EJ603517 Spout Instructions
EXT-LEX-SEKCat Lexion Retro Spout Kit
Extend your unload point by
Cat-Lexion-Spout Instructions
EXT-XSXstreme Spout
Replaces existing spouts on all older combines
XS Instructions